I have experience with news, feature and profile writing for a variety of print, periodical and online media, most notably Major League Baseball Advanced Media, The Mighty and The Miami Student. I’m also honing my skills in editing, branding, multimedia production, photography, and web design.

My personal page on the Major League Baseball website can be found here. This landing page is an archive of the last 20 stories I have published.

My work with MLB.com has allowed me to foray into the multimedia world on several occasions as well.

I was fortunate enough to be able to partner with an award-winning filmmaker on a 30-minute documentary. I co-wrote, co-produced and narrated “A Baseball Story: From the End to the Beginning”, which follows the action at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds, from the last pitch of one home game to the first pitch of the next. I wrote much of the narrated script, as well as improvising lines and interviews on-camera, and was able to pitch the show to MLB.com executives. In addition to airing on MLB.com as part of the ongoing “Diamond Stories” video series, “A Baseball Story” was selected to be shown at the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Film Festival. You can read the column I wrote to accompany it on MLB.com and view the documentary in full online.

I have also produced several short multimedia packages with MLB.com, such as this glimpse into a Sunday at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. and this fun interview with Cincinnati Reds All-Star Todd Frazier.

During the summer of 2016, I joined the team at The Mighty, a disability blogging community with over 100 million readers. As an Editorial Intern, I sourced, wrote and produced news briefs on happenings in the disability community. I also assisted in contributor network outreach and edited user essays. To read a sampling of my Mighty work, head here.

At The Miami Student, I have produced articles on subjects from campus culture to meal plans to faculty governance. In addition to my work as a news editor, I’ve endeavored to establish myself as The Student’s resident faculty beat writer, in which capacity I’ve produced over a dozen stories. I’m particularly proud of my ongoing “Professor, Second Class” series, which explores issues faced by certain classes of faculty members in higher education. The first installment in this series drew on interviews with over 30 faculty members and administrators and 100 hours of research over a three-month period. A complete archive of my work is also available at The Student’s website.